MADE IN ITALY by A.r stampi s.r.l

The company A.R. STAMPI S.r.l.was born from the profound experience of the A.R. by Angelillo, founded in 1981.
Thanks to the Know-how of the founders and the spirit of initiative of the collaborators, the company A.R. STAMPI S.r.l. has become, at a European level, a reference reality for the construction of molds, plastic printing and mechanical constructions.
We have always believed that the various stages of development of the production process must be carried out as much as possible within the company, wich is why we have continuosly invested in machinery and training. This has allowed us to reach a high level of staff preparation and an important rationalization of product design and manufacturing time, as well as containment of the costs necessary to achieve hugh quality results.

Why acquire a professional deflector

Ideal for all enviroment

It is ideal for all interiors to divert air from your air conditioner, allowing better distribution in the environment.
Avoid being exposed to a direct puff of air.
It is an excellent solution for not letting the conditioning air reach your body directly.

Design and functionality

It is ideal for diverting the air from the ceiling.
It is a design product.
It is very light and effective.
Eliana M.
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"I'm happy with my purchase, I can finally turn on the air conditioning without feeling it on my head. My husband had bought another deflector, the classic cheap Chinese product, unfortunatley we had problems during the montage. This time we bought an Italian product and the difference was immediately noticed. There will be no discussiion this summer keeping the climate on or off. Recommended!"
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"In the past I had already purchased Climik deflector for the home air conditioner. But this time I needed one that fits perfectly with the office box air conditioner, so I chose Climik Quadro! Simply satisfied"
Francesca e Luca
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"Excellent invention, easy to assemble and very effective. It solved problems arising from the direct jet of air. With a simple piece of plastic I avoided pain and annoyance for the whole family. THANK YOU"
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"Well done.. is a simple white plastic "deflector", very easy to assemble. If you do not want to have problem of wall tiling , I put in 3 points a double-sided tape "strong" and 2 silicone points. Perfect. The air is diffused in a soft way and no longer reaches you directly. excellent product."